Business Services

Business Services

First Jersey wants all our local businesses to have the proper tool kit for success, that’s why we’ve partnered with Newtek Business Services, Inc™ to provide a full-service suite of business offerings.

Simplify bookkeeping and expense tracking, enhance your business’ outgoing communication, and add efficiency to day-to-day activities with these convenient products and services.

  • Summary
  • Summary

    • Simplify bookkeeping and expense tracking
    • Enhance your messaging and branding
    • Insurance and safe backing of important files for added peace of mind
    • Add greater efficiency to everyday activities
    • Utilize one of our many convenient services:
      • Merchant deposits (electronic payment processing)
      • Insurance
      • Outsourced digital bookkeeping
      • Web hosting
      • Web design & development
      • Business lending
      • Tax preparation, filing & advisory
      • Data backup, storage & retrieval
      • Business plan preparation
    Learn more about our business services here: The Small Business Authority